Besen’s Bandwagon 

The corporate media helped elect Donald Trump with $3 billion in free airtime. They ignored Bernie Sanders for months, even as he filled arenas with enthusiastic supporters. When Hillary Clinton received the Democratic nomination, they gave short shrift to her in-depth policy positions in favor of covering Donald Trump’s antics.

Sadly, today’s corporate media rarely operates in the public interest or for the common good. They primarily care about making money on Wall Street for parent company stock holders. This has been an unmitigated disaster for democracy, America, and the world.

Corporate ownership has also led to the dominance of extreme media hosts and networks that support their corporate financial interests. You can literally drive coast-to-coast and hear nothing but right wing talk radio, while never once encountering a single progressive viewpoint. On television, FOX News Channel serves as a propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee, and Sinclair Broadcasting serves up reactionary right wing pablum in local television markets. This imbalance of views has been catastrophic and led to Republican political dominance, culminating in the election of Donald Trump.

While progressive policy is what America needs, there are few venues where people can hear our messages and debate the merits of our ideas.

If you’re like me, you’ve had ENOUGH!

It’s time to restore sanity to our nation by creating progressive media platforms, such as The Wayne Besen Show. We must amplify our voices, educate Americans, and serve the people, not simply Wall Street profits. To me, this is much more than just a show — it is a quest to bring top-notch progressive programming online, so we can level the playing field and take back our country from the brink of madness.

The only way we can do this, is if YOU decide to take a stand by offering your generous financial support. Join Besen’s Bandwagon today for only $10 a month — or $120 a year. If you are able to give more, please consider doing so.

The method I’m using to collect contributions is a Patreon account. If you click the red “Join Besen’s Bandwagon” button, it will take you directly there. What this site does, is allow supporters to become “patrons” by offering monthly donations, which creates a dependable stream of investment, offering initial stability and then longevity to a unique program like “The Wayne Besen Show.” My show is independent media — so I rely on your generosity to make this program a daily reality.

If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word by forwarding The Wayne Besen podcast and my Reality Check video segment on social media, or by telling your friends and family about the show. Now is the time to step up and be a hero, by helping in the best way you can.